Maudy: Everyone can play multiple roles at the same time

Maudi Ayunda
Maudy Ayunda was introduced as the official spokesperson for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency. (Ummamah Nisa/IO)

Jakarta, IO – The appointment Maudy Ayunda, official spokesperson for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, makes many people wonder how she would balance her new role with her career in the entertainment industry.

The star of the “Perahu Kertas” (Paper Boat) admitted that she often feels confused answering the question. She said everyone can do many things at the same time. Women are no exception; they can also have their own careers and ambitions.

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“When I was asked which I would choose, it’s as if I have to choose. Personally, I believe that we as human, especially women, can play various roles at the same time, and I can still be active in the entertainment world while doing other activities,” said Maudy.

However, Maudy admitted that she first had doubts when asked to be a spokesperson. Moreover, she felt that the role would be challenging as there are many to learn to communicate the essence of G20 to the general public, especially the millennials and Generation Z.