Mass Killer at Myanmar Monastery Kills 33

Buddhist monastery complex
(Source: Special)

Jakarta, IO – As many as 33 people died in a mass killing at the Buddhist monastery complex in Nam Neint Village, Shan State, Myanmar.

The armed rebel group, the Karenny Nationalities Defense Force (KDNF) reported that the Myanmar junta shot dead 33 people in the monastery. Three of the dozens of victims who died were Buddhist monks.

The Pa-O National Defense Force (PDF) reported that the junta’s attack killed 22 civilians.

Reported by CNN Indonesia, Saturday (18/3) KDNF and PDF said the shooting occurred on Saturday (11/3) when the junta troops entered the village.

Myanmar military junta spokesman Zaw Min Tun acknowledged that there was a clash in Nam Neint village on Saturday last weekend in which several residents and anti-junta military militia were killed.

But he denied his troops carried out the mass killings and accused the PDF of being behind the incident.

AFP has not been able to independently verify the parties involved.

Meanwhile, photos shared by the KNDF on Facebook showed bodies strewn on the ground, with some wearing monk robes.

Since the Myanmar junta carried out a coup two years ago, this Southeast Asian country has been experiencing constant internal conflicts. The Myanmar junta has been relentlessly fighting the PDF in most of the country.

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Residents and local media also frequently reported a series of killings and arson by the junta soldiers. (rr)