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Maryam Yasmin wins first place in Uneshco #5


IO, Solo — Maryam Yasmin from Medicine Education Program Faculty of Medical Science (FK) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Central Java, won UNY English Competition (Uneshco) #5, in August, it was announced. Under the supervision of Wuji Anggraini, S.S., M.Pd., Yasmin (her nickname) took first place in the prestigious event. 

The competition was conducted online; in the preliminary round, participants were requested to record a speech on video and upload it to Google Drive. The link to the Google Drive was then sent to the Managing Committee. The final round was held through Zoom Meeting application. 

Yasmin stated that she is happy and grateful to have secured this achievement because in two previous competitions she had to be satisfied by making the semi-final and final rounds, which made her pessimistic about the Unescho competition. “I am very grateful, Alhamdulillah, maybe this is a gift from Allah in this competition. I am very grateful for my win in this competition,” Yasmin stated when contacted by on Monday (9/7/2020). 

In the final round, consisting of two stages, Yasmin delivered a speech on two themes: regarding the theme of bullying, Yasmin delivered a speech that invited the community in general and a school in particular to build a supportive learning environment. For example, using a counselling teacher as a student facilitator and consultant. The theme for the second round is the racism issue, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Yasmin’s speech raised the issues of racism toward ethnic Chinese in Indonesia. 

In the future, the student, who is also active in the UNS Student English Forum (SEF) hopes that her speech skills will improve and she can bring a proud name to UNS. “I hope that my speech skills will improve and I can also make UNS proud. In addition, I hope that the knowledge I get from these competitions can be shared with my friends at UNS SEF,” she concluded. (est) 


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