Sunday, October 1, 2023 | 05:07 WIB

Marathon: takes more than just physical preparation


Jakarta, IO – The only labeled road race in Indonesia, The Maybank Marathon 2022, will take place on August 28, 2022. The training: Road to Maybank Marathon 2022 started on May 22, 2022, presenting a series of physical training and educational sessions for Maybank Marathon participants: group running starts from a warmup to long-running, with a suitable distance category set by the upcoming Maybank Marathon 2022. The participants also received education on proper physical preparation, especially regarding flexibility and mobility, recovery, to sleep patterns. Training will also introduce participants to beneficial nutrients and nutritional intakes for participants during marathon competition. 

Adequate nutritional intake is important to maintain stamina. Intake should be adjusted to each runner’s needs. Long-distance runners need enough carbohydrates, water, protein, and fat to sustain their energy during running practice and competition. 

Research by Hawley et al. (1995) states that the average intake of nutrients to deliver energy for long-distance running athletes (marathon) is 3300-3500 kcal for men and 2100- 2300 kcal for women. 


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