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Mangrove planting on Garbage Island


Jakarta, IO – A number of Jakarta Mangrove Community activists along with a party of PPAL Wanachala Atma Jaya student administrators have embarked on a drive to plant mangroves at the Mangrove4Earth event on “Sampah Island” (Island of Garbage), Cisadane River Estuary, Tangerang, on Saturday, May 21, 2022. 

The 110 mangrove seeds they planted during the event are expected to help minimize environmental damage on Sampah Island. The event also hosted an educational session on coastal ecosystem maintenance and the importance of preserving it through planting and growing mangroves. 

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The mangrove variant planted in the event is the Rhizophora mangrove, a mangrove species generally living in intertidal zones, with roots firmly embedded in the soil to prevent coastal abrasion. 


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