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Mandeh, The First Padang Restaurant Inside the Hotel


IO – Mandeh, a Padang restaurant under the auspices of PT Akasa Boga Kreasindo offers a different concept. Apart from presenting the authentic Padang taste, Mandeh is the first Padang restaurant with a modern concept inside a hotel with a 5-star standard service.

Firman Marthin Marbun, General Manager of PT Akasa Boga Kreasindo, said that Mandeh was born as a modern choice in enjoying typical Minang, West Sumatra cuisine. “Mandeh itself in Minang means mother,” said Firman in the Grand Opening of Mandeh at JHL

Solitaire Hotel, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banteng, (15/8/2020).

“For many people, mother’s cooking is the most delicious and missed food for all family members. We hope to give that taste to customers,” added Firman.

Apart from promoting the delicious authentic taste, continued Firman, Mandeh also wants to pamper guests by presenting quiet music and friendly and clean service.

“Not to forget, amid the pandemic, we also put forward strict health protocols, such as providing distance between customers, limiting the number of visitors, providing hand sanitizers, and requiring the use of masks,” said Firman.

Mandeh, which is located on the Ground Floor of JHL Solitaire Hotel, serves 70 menu variants offered to food connoisseurs who pursue quality and value in a dish. These variants consist of appetizers, main dishes, and various kinds of desserts that are

rarely found in Padang restaurants in general.

“For serving its drinks, Mandeh has a minibar corner which has more than 10 choices of drinks with the main ingredients of fresh fruits and made directly by expert bartenders,” Firman explained.

In terms of its interior, Mandeh puts forward a classic-modern interior that is dominated by wood and is combined with a mural of a woman in authentic Padang clothes cooking Padang food. So that visitors not only get the ambiance of Padang, they can also

enjoy local cuisine with elegance.

In fact, with a fairly large restaurant area, Mandeh is not only a place to eat the world’s tastiest cuisine (rendang) but can also be used as a meeting place for formal and informal events.

“Here we can celebrate birthdays, social gatherings, meetings, or family gatherings. So we can experience new experiences in enjoying Padang cuisine,” concluded Firman.

For information, Mandeh provides dine-in services every day from 11.00 to 20.00 WIB. Not to forget, for comfort and health during the pandemic, Mandeh will also spray disinfectants regularly.


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