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Malaysians praise Jokowi’s appearance when meeting Elon Musk


Jakarta, IO – Many Malaysians praised the appearance of Indonesian President Joko Widodo when he met SpaceX’s billionaire founder Elon Musk. They specifically tweeted about the shoes Jokowi was wearing, a pair of sneakers made by Bandung-based NAH Project.

“My friends on Twitter told me that the shoes Jokowi was wearing when he met Elon Musk in the US is made by NAH Project in Bandung, Indonesia. The price is around RM112,” wrote @SyedAkramin on Tuesday (17/5).

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“He really wants to advance his country so he even thinks about this little thing,” he continued.

That was not the first time Jokowi used sneakers. In 2021 when he visited Tasikmalaya, Jokowi also wore the same shoes. According to him, they are lighter and comfortable.

“If I wear this, I can work faster,” Jokowi said at the time. (rr)


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