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Malaysian Embassy: Celebrating the 62nd National Day


IO – The  Ambassador to Indonesia and his staff held a 62-year celebration of Malaysia’s National Day on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, at the Malaysian Embassy on Jl. Rasuna Said in South Jakarta; invitations had been sent to guests such as Malaysian and Indonesian state officials, ambassadors from friendly countries, Malaysian citizens in Indonesia, and others wishing to celebrate the festive event.

Malaysian National Day is completely different from Malaysian Day (or Hari Malaysia), which is celebrated every year on September 16. National Day is celebrated by Malaysians after members of the federal government, Malay rulers, and Malaysians, the first Chair of the Malayan Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman read the Declaration of Malaysian Independence on August 31, 1957. Since then, the day has become a National Day and Independence Day.

The National Day of Malaysia (Malaysian Day) is celebrated every year on September 16. Malaysia Day marks the formation of Malaysia as a country in 1963 when Singapore, Sarawak and North Kalimantan joined the Malaya Federation. Meanwhile, National Day commemorates the nation’s independence from the rule of the British Empire.

In his remarks, Malaysian Ambassador, Zainal Abidin Bakar said, Malaysia has reached the age of 62 years, and it is the age of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Malaysia. The bilateral relationship which is adorned by many colors, is like a brotherhood that does not begin or end. This fraternal relationship also continues to achieve progress together, centered on economic progress, which then increases in other fields which are no less important, such as security, welfare, social, cultural, and others. Zainal also hopes that diplomatic relations that support this symbiosis will continue to be maintained, nurtured together. On the occasion, he invited all Indonesians to visit Malaysia next year, because Malaysia has declared 2020 as a Year of Visiting Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, Eko Putro Sandjoyo said, “On behalf of the government and people of Indonesia, we extend our warmest congratulations to the government and the people of Malaysia for the 62nd of the National Day of Malaysia and Malaysian Day”. In addition, Minister Eko Sandjoyo also mentioned that Indonesia and Malaysia are the closest of neighbors, bound by many similarities such as history, culture, and religion, and he hopes that Malaysians in Indonesia continue to enjoy peace, harmony, and prosperity, and may the close friendship between two nations continue to strengthen.

As a closing part of the 62nd National Day celebration, the guests were invited to enjoy a variety of Malaysian specialties. The committee even provided Durian Musangking, which is famously delicious and sent directly from Malaysia shortly before the event began, for visitors to enjoy. (ohw)


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