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Malaysia stands ready to send peacekeeping troops to Gaza


Jakarta, IO – Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, in a phone call with President-elect and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, expressed the country’s readiness to send its peacekeeping troops to the Gaza Strip, Palestine, in a contingent with Indonesian troops. 

“Touching on the humanitarian situation in Palestine, I conveyed Malaysia’s readiness to cooperate, including in the deployment of peacekeeping forces alongside Indonesia, should a mandate be granted by the UN,” said Anwar in a post on social media platform Facebook, Monday (1/7). 

Anwar said he had a three-minute conversation with Prabowo, in which he conveyed his gratitude for Prabowo’s successful leg surgery. He also wished Prabowo a quick recovery so that he could resume his normal activities. 

Anwar said he exchanged views on current issues, especially Prabowo’s role in representing Indonesia on the international stage and his vision for regional and global peace and stability. 

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“I welcome the idea of cooperation in a Malaysia-Indonesia international peacekeeping mission, and the potential for this cooperation to be extended to the ASEAN region,” said Anwar. 

At the end of the conversation, he expressed his hope that simultaneous regional elections in Indonesia scheduled on November 27 can run without incident. 

Additionally, he expressed his hope that all preparations for Prabowo’s inauguration as the new president of Indonesia on October 20 would run smoothly. (dbs)


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