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Making sports part of your healthy lifestyle


Jakarta, IO – Awareness of physical health is very much heightened during pandemic. One of the best ways to avoid getting infected is by raising one’s immunity level through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. This includes routine consumption of healthful foods, routine physical activity, sufficient resting, stopping tobacco usage and avoiding stress. What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle anyway? 

“Healthy lifestyle prevents us from suffering serious illnesses or early death. It allows us to become a role model for our neighborhoods and other people, and it will allow us to enjoy all aspects of living more fully, until we become old. By living a healthy lifestyle, we are always healthy and fit. “Healthy” means that our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit are healthy. It is not just the lack of diseases and disabilities. “Fit” is a condition wherein we are able to carry on daily activities and heavier physical work without excess exhaustion,” said dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO, sports medicine specialist in charge of Slim+Health Sports Therapy Division at Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Kemayoran, Jakarta, in the “How to Make Sports Part of Healthy Lifestyle for the Elderly” webinar held on Sunday (03/04/2022).

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However, some routine physical activities in housework such as sweeping or mopping the floor are not sports. To be called “sports”, an activity must follow the BBTT (baik-benar-terukur-teratur – correct, proper, measured, regular) principle. “Correct” means that it done gradually for at least 30 minutes, starting with a 5-10 minutes warm up and ending with 5 minutes of cooling down. “Proper” means that it is safe, easy, suitable with one’s physical condition, and has standardized movements that are proven to exercise specific body parts. “Measured”, this means that it causes your pulse to sufficiently quicken according to your health target after the specific duration. “Regular” means that it is done regularly at least three times a week. 


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