Makassar Municipal Government & private companies support “Waste Bank” using “Octopus” app

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipal Government of Makassar, represented by the Mayor of Makassar Dr. H. Muh. Iqbal S. Suhaeb, S.E., M.T., and the President Director of PT Daur Ulang Industri Terpadu, Moehammad Ichsan, as a form of support for the IT-based app “Octopus.” The app is part of a government program, running a Waste Bank in Baruga Angin Mamiri, Makassar. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Makassar – The Municipal Government of Makassar has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PT Daur Ulang Industri Terpadu in relation to its IT-based application “Octopus.” The represen­ta­tives in the signing were Dr. H. Muh. Iqbal S. Suhaeb, S.E., M.T. as the Mayor of Makassar and Andi Moehammad Ichsan as the President Director of PT Daur Ulang Industri Terpadu. The cooperation is forged in order to perform the handling of non-organic waste jointly in the Town of Makassar using the “Octopus” application to simplify the process.

Andi Moehammad Ichsan stated that the cooperative agreement is meant to support the government program relating to the running of the Waste Bank in the Town of Makassar. “The IT-based application directly connects users of waste, plastic waste couriers, and the waste business unit,” he said.

“Octopus” is the waste distribution app that supports the Waste Bank of the Municipal Government of Makassar. It helps reduce the amount of non-organic waste that enters the Town’s Final Waste Landfill. It standardizes the types, condition, and weight of non-organic waste. This will benefit everyone – the people, the collectors, and the waste business units.

Currently, “Octopus” has 301 volunteers who will later direct waste collectors and task forces in using the app. Andi further stated that “Octopus” also cooperates with the Yayasan Peduli Pemulung (“Care for Scavengers Foundation”). The foundation has 964 registered and verified scavengers. Together with the sanitation task force of Makassar, the scavengers will get training and mentoring before they become official “Octopus” scavengers. “We also cooperate with Lestari Mulia Foundation in terms of training and technological and cognitive mentoring for candidate “Octopus” scavengers,” he said. “We hope that Octopus can help Makassar’s Waste Bank management as the first IT-based, transparent, and accountable waste bank management in Indonesia.”