Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 23:12 WIB

Mahfud MD: A progress! Indonesia has no negative human rights record at UN


Jakarta, IO – Coordinating Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD said Indonesia has made progress regarding its human rights track record as proven by the country’s not listed in UN’s human rights violation record during the UN Human Rights Council regular session in Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday (9/6).

“The [accusations] are only noises made in social media and by certain groups,” Mahfud said in his official statement uploaded to the ministry’s YouTube account, Wednesday (15/6).

Mahfud elaborated that the UN Human Rights Council announced 21 countries with human rights issues and Indonesia was not included in the list.

“You can see, for example, in the footage shared on YouTube by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, attended by about 200 countries, 21 countries were announced to have human rights issues but Indonesia was not one of them,” said Mahfud.


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