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Maher Zain’s Silaturahmi concert in 8 cities


IO, Jakarta – Light tone of voice, gentle lyrics, and strongly solemn arrangements that evoke divine feelings – these are the musical characteristics of Swedish religious singer Maher Zain. His music, which uses nasheed chanting and gambus lute, is no strange music. It is very familiar to us as religious music brought in by our Arabic forebears. Maher Zain himself entered the modern music scene in 2009 with his peaceful religious tunes. Maher Zain’s presence fills a gap of religious music in Indonesia, and is a momentum his fans always look forward to eagerly.

165 Organizer, Langit Biru Maharaya, and Sound Rhythm present the Maher Zain Silaturahmi Concert. He is visiting 8 major cities in Indonesia on 09-24 November 2019, i.e. in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, and Tasikmalaya. With this concert, Maher Zain means to establish silaturahim, a sense of brotherhood, with all of his fans in Indonesia. The concert is also supported by the ESQ Leadership Center.

In early 2019, Maher Zain, famous for songs like ‘Thank You Allah’, ‘Ya Nabi Salam Alayka’, and ‘Peace be Upon You’ was again awarded Double Platinum in Indonesia after having earned the Multiple Platinum Award di Indonesia and Malaysia. Maher Zain’s popularity is a global one: he was titled Muslim Star in 2011 and his fans can be found in countries as diverse as Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and Morocco. Not just in Eastern countries – Maher Zain is also beloved in great Western countries like England and the United States.

Other than his music, Maher Zain is also an active humanitarian. In 2013, he collaborated with other artists to obtain aid for typhoon victims in the Philippines. He has also performed concerts to support war-torn Syrian civilian citizens and get irrigation for people in African countries. Maher Zain is a young musician who gives us good examples and positive messages through his work, his actions, and his personality. Maher Zain’s Silaturahmi concert is a breath of cool religious messages intended to evoke peace and brotherhood. Prepare your hearts for this peaceful, enriching moment through gentle music.


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