Luxurious panorama in Sianjur Mulamula

(Photo: Mia Kamila)

IO – The expanse of mighty green hills and wide blue lakes will delight the eyes of anyone who sees it: a little description of the original habitat of the Batak Tribe known as Sianjur Mulamula. 

You can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout Sianjur Mulamula. Green hills plus a stunning panorama of Toba Lake when viewed from above. The cold is ready to ambush your body. 

Behind the amazing natural beauty, Sianjur Mulamula is the origin of one Batak Tribe and Clan. It is not difficult to get there: visitors can hire a motorized rickshaw or rent a private vehicle. The winding road adds a distinct impression of the natural beauty around it. 

According to locals, there is a sacred hill known as Pusuk Buhit which does not only have historical value, but also spiritual value for the Batak people. 

The hill with a height of 1,900 meters above sea level has become legendary. It is said that at the foot of the hill, to be precise in Parik Sabungan, Sariman Rihit Village, Sianjur Mulamula Subdistrict, the first Batak people settled and had children. 

To serve a stream of tourists, in this area, there are several inns that you can rent for a break. However, if you have an adventurous spirit and want to mingle with the locals, you can stay at the residents’ houses, and they will welcome you in a friendly manner. 

Don’t forget to taste Toba’s special culinary dish, arsik fish, deliciously crafted with a special blend of spices. (Mia Kamila)