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Loewy: The hangout with nuances of Paris in the 40s


IO, Jakarta – What comes to mind when you first hear “Paris”? Apart from the Eiffel tower, Paris is also famous for various kinds of food and a romantic atmosphere. In Kuningan, South Jakarta there is a restaurant and bar that carries the atmosphere of Paris in the 1940s which has built as a bistro and bar. Loewy transformed into one location to hang out for young executives, offices, and also foreign tourists and even foreign workers. Loewy was first established spontaneously with the needs of the residents of the city who wanted a bistro with a relaxed atmosphere. Loewy’s concept is inspired from traditional bistro Paris with New York City style. While the interior design is synonymous with retro or classic style with a modern interpretation. Therefore, in this place there is original Thonet chairs, the leather seats banquet, the beveled subway tiles, the tin and copper ceiling panels, and white brick walls, which gives the impression of a Parisian bistro and New York in the era of the 1940s. Although, impressed by the classic yet it is also wrapped with a modern touch to create a place that is neat, clean and comfortable.

Loewy has a large enough room coupled with a cozy terrace. For those of you who want a more relaxed atmosphere, can choose your terrace for eating and enjoying the dish menu with friends or companions. Though this bistro has a casual concept but all visitors are required to wear clothing that is neat. For those of you who show up wearing shorts and sandals, you wiill most likely be prohibited from entering Loewy. And don’t be surprised if this place is visited by many foreign tourists or foreigners residing temporarily in Jakarta for a specific purpose, such as employment matters (expatriates).

As a bistro, Loewy serves super tasty food in their menu, both local and western dish. You can try the rotisserie roast chicken which is served complete with fried potatoes and vegetables or salad. Or you can try the steak tenderloin with mushroom sauce that makes the tongue not stop chewing. Then there’s other French dishes steak pommes frites, cheese fondue, croque monsieur and pasta dishes, also not to be missed is the Indonesian food menu such as Roasted Goat Cheese Salad, Steak with Fried Rice Butter, Chocolate Bomb and Mont Blanc. In the hands of Chef Benoit Claeys, all menu dishes are prepared with a high taste for the satisfaction of the guests.

Meanwhile, the bar, Loewy has a 15-meter bar table with a row of light brown chairs lined  in a row. This scene adds to the impression of classic. As there are many different variants of menu offerings for cocktails such as classic & twisted, fresh & Tropical, Blended and creamy, the price starts from Rp. 85.000, -. There are also types of Vodka drinks starting from Rp.70.000, – / shot and Whiskey with prices starting at Rp. 85.000, – / shot. As for the wine there is quite a lot of variety, ranging from Italy, California, Australia, New Zealand, and many others, the price starts from Rp. 425.000, -. For lovers of alcoholic beverages, this place can be your alternative destination. For your information, the alcohol contained in wine is not always bad for health, as long as it is consumed correctly and in the right dosages.

As a bistro located in downtown Jakarta, Loewy is one place you must visit. Located in the Mega Kuningan Ring Road E 42 No. 1, Oakwood Premier Cozmo Lt. Lobby, Jakarta which is easy enough to find. (Aldo)


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