Lithium and Strontium, hidden treasure under Lapindo mud

Lapindo mudflow disaster site in Sidoarjo, East Java. (Source: Okezone)

Jakarta, IO – Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s Geological Agency suggested the Lapindo mud disaster in Sidoarjo, East Java might be a blessing in disguise as it holds a “treasure trove” in the form of rare mineral resources such as lithium and strontium.

As is widely reported, lithium is a critical component in electric vehicles battery while strontium is the raw material for electronic goods. This will of course boost the government’s ambition to make Indonesia an EV manufacturing hub.

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“The Lapindo mud contains Lithium, which is a highly sought-after minerals needed in the future, especially for electric batteries,” Moehammad Awaluddin, the Geological Agency’s center for mineral, coal, and geothermal resources, told CNBC on Thursday (12/5).

Awaluddin further said that many business entities are now looking to work on the Lapindo mud project. However, the government has yet to give a greenlight. Currently, his agency will focus on further exploration to prove the existence of lithium.