Lion Parcel targets 2021 transactions up by 100%

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The freight company Lion Parcel (PT. Lion Express) recorded significant growth in transactions during the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Lion Parcel’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Kenny Kwanto said the transaction record was relatively good, amidst weakening national economic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the weakening of the national economy, we managed to record a 30 percent increase in transactions in the first quarter of 2021. This growth has increased compared to the first quarter of 2020,” announced Kenny Kwanto, at the launch of the Lion Parcel brand ambassador at DOME Senayan Park, Monday (3/5).

Kenny continued by stating how this increase in numbers was mainly supported by transactions from Lion Parcel agent partners. This is evidenced by the innovation of Lion Parcel products that faithfully prioritize the needs of the community, such as the SIKAT (Half Kilo Savings) program and BIGPACK special delivery of over 10 kilograms, both of which were launched at the beginning of Ramadan and configurated based on community needs.

The increasing transactions from the Lion Parcel application also contributed to the rise in business in this first quarter. Until the first quarter of 2021, Lion Parcel transactions via the application have increased by 155 percent compared to the previous year.

Lion Parcel, said Kenny, will continue to focus on providing convenience and meeting customer needs. “Like the free pick-up feature, our couriers will prioritize picking up even if they only send one package, so that customers can ensure that the packages sent will arrive at their respective homes,” he said.

Lion Parcel again provides free shipping for new application users. Starting May 3, users who have just registered in the Lion Parcel application can get a balance of IDR 10,000 by entering the referral code “BERANIDIANDELIN” which can be used for delivery transactions.

Kenny further emphasized that one of Lion Parcel’s missions is to bridge Indonesian economic progress by helping micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) throughout the country.

According to him, MSMEs, as one of the pillars of the Indonesian economy, especially when economic growth is weakening, need to be supported so that they can grow and develop.

Some concrete evidence of Lion Parcel’s support for MSMEs is manifested in collaboration with several agencies, such as the Global UKM Foundation, Kopira, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, APEDI, the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, ASTRA Prosperous Village, and many more.

“If micro-entrepreneurs can grow and develop, the Indonesian economy can also be encouraged to grow. We strive to be a safe and trusted partner for the community,” said Kenny.

Therefore, Lion Parcel is collaborating with Joe Taslim as a brand ambassador and at the same time inviting the public to support MSME players in Indonesia. “We want to bring Indonesian MSMEs to go global. Joe Taslim, who has succeeded in making Indonesia proud, is a trusted public figure who can provide an example,” said Kenny.

Kenny said that micro and medium enterprises are one of the pillars of the Indonesian economy. Lion Parcel also provides delivery services to foreign countries; the service has reached seven cities overseas, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, and Taipei.

In line with Kenny, Lion Parcel’s Brand Ambassador, Joe Taslim, has the same view. According to him, during a period of weakening economic growth during a pandemic like this time, the first thing that must be promoted is local products produced by MSME players.

In addition, starting May 3, Lion Parcel is holding special promos for inter-city shipping prices, such as from Jabodetabek to Jabodetabek, Bandung to Bandung, Malang to Malang, or Surabaya to Surabaya. This program is intended as more evidence of their support of MSME business players.

“We also have a promo for shipping prices at a very low cost: only 4,500 for between cities. Later, the public can experience this promo by sending their packages via Lion Parcel agents. We hope that this innovation can provide more benefits for the people of Indonesia,” concluded Kenny.