Ling Ling; New reborn concept of chinese food

Ling Ling has a two dining options including indoor and outdoor area for those who want to smoke. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – After the success of a classic-style luxury restaurant located around the central business district of Jakarta, like Sofia at Hotel Gunawarman. Shah Establishments re-opened its restaurant outlets that were previously closed due to renovations. If the name Ling Ling sounds so familiar to some people, it is because the restaurant was formerly located at The East, Kuningan. And at present, Ling Ling has officially opened the outlet again by updating the concept and atmosphere without leaving their original identity that has made them popular in the previous location.

Indeed, Ling Ling’s regular customers will know exactly what to order here. By the time of lunch, many expat ‘exposed’ and also business people who want to enjoy a delicious and friendly food chinese food in the wallet. Classic choices like siew mai and har gao are of course offered, but their other options go beyond the basic dishes commonly found in ordinary Chinese restaurants.

Located in Cikajang, South Jakarta, Ling Ling restaurant was reopened to the public on July 13, 2018. The restaurant provides chinese food and dimsum with elegant ambience and cozy feeling. The restaurant that uses the fox logo has a beautiful interior design with the dominance of wood furniture and the use of large glass gives it a modern touch and relying on solar lighting makes the restaurant feel warm. Clearly, the new Ling Ling has undergone a major change from the initial building concept in The East, Kuningan, even with its interior.

Speaking of food, Ling Ling remains focused on dimsum dishes as well as other Chinese food menu such as, noodle, porridge, Chinese tea, and also rice bowl. For tea drink Ling Ling provides green tea, white tea, dark tea, black tea and oolong tea. While dim sum is divided into categories steamed, cheung fan, grilled and fried. If you want a more filling menu, the menu of rice, noodles, processed vegetables, tofu, seafood and beef could be an option. Complete with traditional duck BBQ.

Ling Ling Restaurant provides chinese food such as dimsum, baozi, noodle, and chinese tea with elegant ambience and cozy restaurant feel to comfort the visitors. (photo: IO:Aldo)

On that occasion the Independent Observer tasted the Claypot Rice menu, Prawn Beancurd Cheung Fan. The portion of Claypot Rice is large enough for 2-3 people to savor on. The dish of fragrant rice is placed in a claypot container (clay) that keeps the rice warm. Pulsed rice texture soft with savory taste and light. Topping the roasted chicken meat also satisfy the appetite because quite a lot of servings are served. The outside texture is a little crisp with the soft inside. I really liked the dish of this rice, plus the mushroom and shiitake wedges in it.

Intrigued by the cheung fan menu, I also tasted the shrimp cheung fan here. There are 8 small pieces of cheung fan in baluri with a savory creamy sauce. The skin of the wrapping feels chewy tasty. Combine delicious with shrimp wrapped in crunchy flour in it. While the tofu flower that accompanies this dish has a very soft texture.

To enjoy the cheung fan available two types of chilli. One is a dark red chili oil. The other one is orange red with a sweet spicy trace. Combined with a warm chinese tea drink with full oolong tea type it feels like my adventure enjoys a different menu of chinese food with a variant menu at other restaurants.

To enjoy the dish of the food, the price is set for two people with a dish serving the middle enough to spend around Rp 200.000,00 to Rp 300.000,00. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday is suitable we recommend for you who want to enjoy the dish menu dimsum with atmosphere and taste quite different from most dimsum restaurants in Jakarta. (Aldo)