Like cooking? Come on! Share your creations and inspiration at Masamo 2020

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

 IO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency invites culinary businesses or anyone who likes to cook to join cooking shows and share their creations and inspiration in the “Masamo” event. 

Acting Director of the Creative, Design and Culinary Industry of Kemenparekraf, Imam Wuryanto, in his statement on Sunday (05/31/2020), said that his party facilitates the development of creative businesses in the culinary field through the activities of Cooking with Masters Online (Masamo). 

“We hope that the activity can be carried out well and have the support of many parties, and most importantly demanded by our creative people,” he said. 

As the name implies, Masamo (Masak Bersama Master Online), which means cooking with a master online, will be guided by a chef who guides participants to create special menus and share tips on cooking with participants. 

This time the speaker who will be presented is Devina Hermawan, the finalist of Master Chef Indonesia Season 5. 

The Head of the Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture/Baparekraf Agustini Rahayu said the culinary industry is one of the subsectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affects the creative economy players as a result of a decline in turnover: a few are even forced to shut down their businesses. 

“Therefore, Kemenparekraf invites culinary enthusiasts to participate in the event, which is hoped to inspire enthusiasm in developing business and culinary products during the COVID-19 pandemic and preparation for entering a new normality period,” Agustini Rahayu said. 

People who are interested in participating can register first through the https: link. 

Prospective participants who register will be selected first by a committee team. Those selected will be given capital in the form of raw materials adjusted to the practice menu. Participants will also get an internet data package during the activity. “Registration will be open until June 7,” said Agustini Rahayu. 

She also invited interested people to register immediately so that they would not run out of places. “Come on, join in!” invite Agustini Rahayu