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Liberta: “Lifestyle Hospitality” operator & management


Jakarta, IO – The pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles in the way they spend their leisure time and the holiday season. Many of us prefer to spend our holidays in domestic destinations. The rising number of Indonesian hotel room occupancies in November 2021 reached an average of 47.83 percent, compared to the previous year in November 2020, which peaked at only 40.41 percent. In expanding its business strategy as a hotel operator and manager, Liberta has successfully seized this opportunity. 

Niken Prawesti, CEO of Liberta, stated that Liberta delivers its expanding role and function as a hotel operator & management to answer the present society’s needs. “We understand that nowadays people consider the experience more than just staying in a hotel. We offer a variety of quality leisure time events which will complete their holiday and, of course, harmonize in line with the current trends and lifestyles. We offer different accommodation concepts to meet the needs of our clients’ market segments, which is the basic definition of the Lifestyle Hospitality concept,” explained Niken. 

With a vision to provide exclusive, inclusive and exceptional hospitality concepts and services, Liberta has become a Lifestyle Hospitality, with the additional services to ensure customers and guests have a fantastic vacation experience. 

To carry out the mission, Liberta presents a wide selection of hotels and properties with alternative accommodation concepts suitable to the market segmentation and needs. Liberta launches Liberta Home for residential, Liberta Hub (Hub Hotel), three-star Liberta Hotel and four-star and resort Liberta Portfolio, the members of which are Mexolie Hotel Kebumen, Amanuba Rancamaya, and Amarta Hills Malang.


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