Le Minerale’s “Tour the Hospital” promotes the health benefits of cycling

Le Minerale
Hundreds of health workers joined Le Minerale’s “Tour the Hospital” cycling event that visited seven hospitals in South and East Jakarta. (Source: Le Minerale’s documentation)

Jakarta, IO – Le Minerale threw its full support behind the cycling event “Tour the Hospital” which made a stop at seven hospitals in South and East Jakarta. The event was initiated and participated in by more than 150 health workers, and also supported by the South Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI). This year’s theme is “Sehat itu Bike.”

“Through this theme, Le Minerale wishes to advocate the community to have a healthy lifestyle, and cycling can be a fun alternative,” said Dr. Aditya Galatama Purwadi, MARS, the founder of JCC and chair of the 2022 Tour the Hospital committee.

Tour the Hospital began in 2021, but this year’s event was more special with the full support of Le Minerale.

“We believe Le Minerale contains good essential mineral to maintain body freshness and fitness when cycling, hence we are very happy with this collaboration. We also have the same mission, namely to make people healthy,” explained dr. Aditi.