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Le Minerale renews its “Jadi Baru Lagi” commitment to reduce nationwide waste on World Environment Day


Jakarta, IO – Under the National Circular Economy Movement (GESN), Le Minerale continues its commitment to managing plastic waste by extending their life cycle, commonly termed as circular economy. To create a significant impact, this effort is implemented from upstream to downstream. This time Le Minerale themes the campaign #JadiBaruLagi, which reflects a concrete, comprehensive step that goes beyond educating and collecting used PET plastic bottles or packaging. The company is also working with multiple parties to process them into new items, including vests worn by thousands of street hawkers.

To commemorate the World Environment Day on June 5, Le Minerale launched the vests and distributed them free of charge to hawkers in Tomang, West Jakarta, Monday (5/6). “This vest dedicated for Le Minerale hawkers is a concrete step, where we use Recycled PET (RPET) as raw material. Trough this program, we wish to invite the public to continue taking small steps such as sorting plastic waste, so they can be recycled and #JadiBaruLagi,” said Le Minerale public relations and digital head Yuna Eka Kristina.

Le Minerale has never ceased innovating to implement the GESN program from upstream to downstream, which has been running for more than two years now. GESN is a concrete action to preserve the environment, primarily through reducing waste generation in line with the mission launched by the Environment and Forestry Ministry to reduce waste by 30 percent in 2030.

In 2022, Le Minerale saw an increase in waste collection by up to 101 percent compared to the previous year. As of 2023, GESN has managed to collect at least 859 tons of waster every month. “We will continue to partner with many parties to manage and reprocess used PET plastic and turn them into raw materials or even new goods,” said Yuna.

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Wahyudi, 45, one of the hawkers who received the free vest, express his appreciation. “Thank God, thank you, I never thought that this vest is made from PET bottles which I sell everyday. I feel relieved knowing that these plastic bottles will not end up as trash, but can be turned into comfortable vests and other useful items.”

Echoing Wahyudi’s sentiments, drink seller Rusli Rukmana was also happy to receive the free vest. Rusli also appealed to the community to manage their waste properly. “After drinking, the most important thing is not littering but instead throw the waste into a designated trash bin for plastic so they can be recycled and become new items, like this cool vest here,” he advised. (des)


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