LBH Pers and AJI Jakarta urge Police Chief to investigate intimidation of journalists

kekerasan wartawan
Illustration. (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

“This act of intimidation and obstruction of journalistic activities is contrary to the initiative of the National Police Chief to ensure transparency and objectivity in the investigation of the shooting incident at the official resident of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo,” said Ade Wahyudin.

LBH Pers and AJI Jakarta appeal to all parties to respect journalistic work and press freedom in Indonesia. In performing their work, journalists are protected by Article 8 of Law 40/1999. Media companies are also obliged to guarantee and monitor the safety of their journalists who do reporting the field, especially agasint physical and psychological threats.

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“According to press freedom principles, if there are parties who feel dissatisfied or feel harmed by the news, they should use the right of reply and correction, as stated in Article 1(11) of the Press Law which reads, ‘The right of reply is the right of a person or group to provide a response or rebuttal to the news in the form of facts that are detrimental to his reputation,’” he said. (un)