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Laras Hati, legendary Indonesian Chinese food


IO, Magelang – Laras Hati is the name of the legendary Indonesian Chinese food restaurant in Magelang, Central Java. Founded more than 20 years ago by Kurnia Ningsih, this restaurant has always been a haven for local and international tourists who passed by Magelang. It is not yet complete if you did not enjoy the authentic taste of these various Indonesian Chinese Food menus.

Felix, the third generation of this family business, said that the grandmother started a restaurant business in a simple place. “Initially not this big, this is already the third place,” he explained when talking to the Independent Observer, Friday (11/15/2019) night.

He asserted that this restaurant is a choice because of the flavor that is maintained by the grandmother’s recipe. He also stressed that the menu served is free of pork so it is safe and lawful. “We guarantee halal, we don’t use oil or anything that contains pork,” he explained.

Excellent menus ranging from Fried Chicken Laras Liver / Flour / British Suas / Ngoyang, Sweet Asem / Roasted Gurami / Salted Eggs, Fried Shrimp, Butter Sauce / Oyster Sauce / Salted Egg, Phu Yung Hai, Sapo Tahu Seafood, Capcay Hong Kong Fried / Kuah, Kangkung Cos / Ca Seafood, Ca Broccoli Chicken, Ang Siaw Tahu Sutra, Ang Siaw Toad, Cah Tauco Toad, and many more. Meanwhile, drinks start from the Happy Soda to the warm Wedang Sekoteng. The price offered starts from Rp. 17,500 to Rp. 100,000 / portion for each menu. “Now the most favorite is Gurame Salted Egg because it’s trendy to use salted eggs,” said Felix.

What’s interesting is that the menu is cooked impromptu, the fast serving time, meaning customers do not have to wait long for the dish they ordered. Culum Muray was one of the visitors who enjoyed the Fried Chicken he ate with sambal and Cap Cay which made his face flush red due to the spicy chili flavor served. “This is my second visit to Magelang. I remember the fried chicken was delicious. I ordered a breast that is quite large and served with sambal,” explained the man who is familiarly called Muray.

The restaurant that can accommodate 60 people is also often visited by local officials, athletes, and capital city artists. “There are many officials who come, I just don’t remember the names. Once the late Suzzanna was here; Chris John had also been here,” he added.

The restaurant, located at Jalan Tantara Pelajar No. 50, is always crowded with Indonesian Chinese culinary lovers. The restaurant, which has a fairly large parking area, is enough to accommodate 10 cars and 20 motorbikes, open from 9.30 to 20.30 every day. “We are open every day. The holidays are just after Lebaran for cleaning up,” said Felix. (Dan)


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