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Kulon Progo Police says the shrouding of Virgin Mary statue on the owner’s own accord


Jakarta, IO – A footage of a gigantic Virgin Mary statue shrouded in a blue tarpaulin went viral recently. The statue is located in Sasana Adhi Rasa St. Yacobus prayer house in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta.

The footage alleged that it was done under pressure from a mass organization because the local residents felt unease about its presence. But after conducting investigation, Kulon Progo Police Chief Muharomah Fajarini rebutted the narrative, reported Merdeka, Friday (24/3).

He said it was done at the initiative of its own owner Yacobus Sugiarto.

“The prayer house has not been inaugurated. The owner, who lives in Jakarta, told a family member to temporarily cover the statue with a tarpaulin. It was purely on his own accord,” said Fajarini.

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He reiterated that there was no pressure from any mass organization and it was just a misunderstanding.

“If there is any mass organizations that try to disturb security and peace in the community, especially in Kulon Progo, we will take firm law enforcement action,” Fajarini reassured. (un)


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