Friday, December 1, 2023 | 23:30 WIB

KPU will simplify 2024 ballots


Jakarta, IO – The General Elections Commission (KPU) has simulated a ballot simplification at the KPU building, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/22/2022). This streamlining for the 2024 elections aims to reduce the use of paper and optimize the 2024 election budget. “We would like to know your opinion on the simplified ballots that we have prepared,” said KPU Commissioner Evi Novida Ginting Manik in a speech on the matter. 

In the simulation, KPU set up two polling stations (TPS). The first station simulated three alternative ballot models, while the second station featured two ballot models. 

Evi said KPU attempted to redesign the ballots, cutting from five sheets in 2019 to one to three sheets for the upcoming election. “We actually initiated these research steps back in 2021,” she added. 

The ballot simplification is expected to make the next election more efficient, paper- and budget-wise. Thus, it can manifest as a less inexpensive and more “voter-friendly” election task. What’s more, voting and vote counting will become more efficient in the process, transparent and accountable. “These are the goals of ballot simplification. Hopefully, what KPU aims to achieve will inspire a discourse to achieve a more efficient and effective election,” Evi explained. (des)


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