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KPU is involved in systemic crime


IO, Jakarta – Following the “quick count” results, ostensibly handing the election to presidential candidate number 01, those Indonesians who wanted change have united in fighting against the tyranny carried out by the election organizers, using proof in the C1 forms from each of their voting stations.

Front for Communities Concerned for Fair and Clean Elections Coordinator Marwan Batubara accuses the General Election Commission (KPU) of being complicit in election fraud, which resulted in a phony “victory” for the incumbent. “We are talking about the fact that the KPU is not credible and is involved in systematic crimes,” he complained in a press conference titled “Questioning KPU’s Neutrality” in the Prabowo-Sandi National Secretariat, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Monday (22/4/2019).

The Indonesia Resources Studies (IRESS) Executive Director believes that the election organizers, such as the KPU, Bawaslu, and DKPP should not only work within the rules but also pay attention to the principles of neutrality. “The KPU must carry out its duty within the rules while not forgetting to abide by moral principles. That must be the main reference,” he asserted.

Marwan stated that he received information from an IT expert that the KPU is suspected of being neglectful in maintaining server security. The KPU should have prepared enough manpower and used proxies which are difficult to hack. However, in reality, the KPU’s website, which displays updated vote counts, has been down several times. “Can an institution like this be called a credible institution? It is appropriate to suspect that they are also involved in committing crimes. As such, I assert that the KPU is problematic, and as a result must be investigated and even brought to justice if proven to be ‘in play’,” he warned.

With various cases of fraud, backed with layers of proof which have degraded Prabowo-Sandi’s win, Marwan invited the public to pressure the KPU to act honestly, fairly, and not biased towards a certain candidate. He plans on holding a hearing with the Bawaslu and DKPP accomplished with proof of fraud in various regions. “There has already been a fatal violation of the constitution committed by the general election organizers and managers of the country, meaning they must be prosecuted if proven guilty. The same applies to a candidate proven to violate the rules. They must be punished and disqualified,” he said.

Lastly, Marwan invited the public concerned with the enforcement of the law to uphold the principles of the Pancasila and 1945 Constitution to defend the nation’s honor in the eyesof the world so not to be stepped on by those wanting to keep their power through any means necessary. “We will voice the declaration that our nation’s honor is being stepped on and this nation is as if upholding primitive law which is very embarrassing, as we are in the world’s spotlight. As a moral nation, we must hold morality high, meaning there shouldn’t be a KPU which defends the interests of the incumbent. Our constitution has been violated; the people’s dignity is as if straddled so the people need to become aware of this and move together for the pride of the nation,” he concluded.

Prabowo-Subianto National Campaign Cyber Team Agus Maksum stated that his side would form an Online Witness Volunteer (RSO) group which would work to guard the counting of the 2019 Presidential Election votes by the KPU. Agus claimed the BPN has data related to fraud during the voting and data entry carried out by the KPU. According to him, the fraud began even before the election started. The National Campaign Team found several voting stations with ballot papers already casted out. As a result, the RSO will check the validity of data from the C1 forms on the KPU website by matching them with data received from volunteers in the voting stations. “We have 813,350 online witnesses. Each witness monitors the KPU website and what happens. Are the C1s on the KPU website the same as the C1s in our possession?” said Agus in the BPN (Prabowo-Sandi National Campaign Team) Secretariat, Central Jakarta on Monday (22/4).

Agus stated that the 813,350 online witness volunteers were around the same number as voting stations in Indonesia. “Because we see a pattern of changes during entries, which then changed, following day changed again. However, yesterday it was right and the changed again, and that happens,” he said.

According to Agus, the volunteers will check every day in order to know which data on the KPU website is changed. With the 813,350 volunteers monitoring the development of the C1 counting process on the KPU website, all changes which indicate fraud can be immediately detected. “So, according to us, if we are careless in supervising this, then the results will be the same as the quick count. However, if we are successful in supervising and preventing these changes, then the results will be the same as the claims of the BPN. The same as the BPN’s count which has Mr. Prabowo winning by more than 60%,” he added. (D. Ramdani)


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