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KPU Chairman: Quick count is not the official 2019 election result


IO, Jakarta – Chairman of the General Elections Commission (KPU) Arief Budiman has stated that the results of quick counts or exit polls related to the 2019 elections may be used as references related to vote counting. However, Arief emphasized that the quick count results are not the official results of the 2019 general election.

“If there is a quick count or an exit poll by several agencies, it could be used as a reference. As information” said Arief Budiman at Taman Suropati, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (April 17).

Arief said that the KPU did not do a quick count of the 2019 Election. KPU only carried out the 2019 Election count based on data from the polling stations, calculated and summarized in stages to the national level.

“KPU does not do any quick count. KPU is working on this election in a real count. Later, the results will be announced by KPU. When that will be and how that will be? Just be patient and wait for the official results from the KPU,” said Arief.

Previously, Arief said that KPU will announce the 2019 general elections nationally at the latest 35 days after the vote. Thus, the official results of the 2019 General Election can only be known publicly no later than May 22, 2019.

“Official results, according to the law, at the latest 35 days after the voting. The KPU must announce it,” said Arief Budiman during the monitoring of voting at Cipinang Class II Detention polling station, East Jakarta.

This regulation is stated in Article 413 paragraph (1) of Law Number 17 of 2017 concerning Elections mentioning that the KPU sets elections nationally and results of votes for the candidate pair, political party votes for the DPR RI and DPD votes at the latest 35 days after voting . Meanwhile, the provincial KPU determined the results of political party votes for the provincial DPRD no later than 25 days after the vote.

City and Regency KPU announce the results of political party votes for district and city DPRD no later than 20 days after voting. “The announcement of recapitulated elections result will be in an open plenary session,” he said.

As known, the vote counting process at the polling station will begin after the voting is finished at 13:00 local time. The vote count will take time until 24:00 local time. If it’s not finished, then 12 hours will be added without a pause.

The vote count begins with a count for the Presidential and vice-Presidential vote, followed by a vote of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, DPD, Provincial DPRD, and district or city DPRD. After that, a recapitulation is carried out in stages starting from the sub-district, regency, city, province and national level. The process of vote counting and recapitulation will be carried out openly, attended by witnesses of election participants and monitored by supervisors. (dsy)


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