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KPU admitted personnel might have input incorrect data on purpose


IO, Jakarta- General Election Commission (KPU) Chairman Aried Budiman admitted there was a possibility of fraud during data input by KPU personnel into KPU’s vote counting system (Situng).

The admission was in response to protests from the Prabowo-Sandi National Campaign Team (BPN) which have alleged that there have been KPU personnel who have committed fraud during the voting input stage.

“We will check later, okay. There were some that were on purpose, there were some.. I cannot say whether or not this happened as a result of fraud or human error, or on accident or whatever,” said Arif Budiman when met in KPU’s office in Jalan Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta.

The chairman explained that the data input mistakes thathappened this election cycle also happened last election. The main reason for this was data input mistakes by KPU personnel. As a result, he believes that the data input mistakes in the vote recapitulation process in nine voting stations was purely the result of human error. 

Previously, the Prabowo-Sandi BPN had launched protests at the KPU. The BPN believed that the KPU committed fraud as seen from the difference in votes counted for Prabowo-Sandi in the Situng with the votes counted on the C1 forms. 

This difference was addressed by the KPU by stating that the data inputted for the nine voting stations were mistaken. Among others, the voting stations with problematic voting data inputs included voting station number 17 in JenpongBaru, Sekarbela, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. Here the data has already been corrected.

Another voting station with mistaken inputs was voting station number 10 in Gonjak Village, Praya which is currently undergoing data corrections. In Jakarta, voting station 93, in Bidara Cina, Jatinegara, East Java has already been correctedby the KPU.

Additionally, in voting station 10 in Laksamana, Dumai, Riau, mistakes in the voting process have also been corrected. In Central Java, voting station 25 in Banjarnegoro, Martoyudan, Mageland has had its data corrected and voting station 7 in Rojoimo, Wonosobo is currently undergoing data corrections. 

In Maluku, voting station number 6 in Lesane sub-district, Masohi, Central Maluku has also had its data mistakes corrected. In Banten, more specifically Serang, voting station number 39 in Cipete, Curug was also problematic. Finally, in West Java voting station number 15 in Cibadak, Cibadak, Sukabumi also had voting data input mistakes. (Dsy)


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