KPPS officer in Gowa died, again

Another KPPS officer who died, Hardiyanto. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Gowa – One of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) officer in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi have died, again.

Hardiyanto (37) is known to have worked and served the polling station (TPS) 23 Katangka Village, Somba Opu District.

Hardiyanto’s death added to the long list of KPPS members who died in carrying out their duties.

Before his last breath on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 yesterday, Hardiyanto was reportedly experiencing pain due to fatigue after the vote.

Based on the information from his sister Anti, the condition of his exhaustion resulted in paralyzed, considering the vote counting process was done 2×24 hours.

His hands and feet suddenly ached. After it’s paralyzed, it may be exhausted when completing results from vote calculation for 2 times 24 hours with minimum rest.

Muhtar Muis, Chairman of the Gowa Regency General Election Commission (KPU) said that the death of the KPPS members was a sorrow for us all.

“Innalilahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. Has passed away Mr. Hardiyanto, chairman of KPPS 23 Katangka Village, he was sick the day after the vote count was finished,” Muhtar said.

Previously, two KPPS officers were also reported to have died in Gowa Regency due to exhaustion. (dsy)