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KPPS Chairman stab himself in the stomach; Allegedly stress thinking about inaccurate vote count


IO, Malang – Motive behind the desperate action of Subali, Chairman of KPPS no.07 Lesanpuro, Kedungkandang Subdistrict, Malang City, that ends with stabbing his own stomach was still a mystery. But there are suspicions, victims of stress after inaccurate vote count. Is that right?

“An information said that the victims kept thinking about the issue of the difference in vote count. Even though there were no problems, it’s just that the victim was carried away and kept thinking about it,” said Sukol Wahyudi, Head of the Kedungkandang Police, Malang City,

It was said, the victim starts having anxiety attack during the counting process at the polling station. After all is finished, the victim continues to thinks about things that never really happened.

“His wife also said to no need to think about it. The process has finished. It was said that there are only four or three differences in the final count for DPD (Regional Leadership Council) and DPRD (Regional House of Representatives), but none actually existed,” said Suko Wahyudi.

Subali’ insecurity and anxiety peaks in the morning when his wife was attending the commemoration of Kartini Day. Subali, who remained inside the house, suddenly grab a machete from his personal collection.

And then stabbed himself twice into his abdomen causing bleeding. Luckily there is a small child that accidentally entered the house and discover the incident and directly shouting for help.

“It was first discovered by the neighbor’s child, the victim who lived in the 2nd ally of Lesanpuro. Locals then came to see what is happening, the victim was immediately taken to the hospital,” said Suko.

The victim is currently in intensive care at the Panti Nirmala Hospital. The background of his reckless action is still uncertain. (dsy)


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