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KPK prioritizes optimization of asset recovery


IO – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) claims an increase in asset recovery in 2021 compared to its take last year.

“The total asset recovery of the KPK in 2021 has increased compared to last year’s achievement, which was IDR 80 billion or 27%,” said Ali Fikri, KPK’s spokesperson ad interim, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/4/2022).

KPK has consistently optimized asset recovery through the repression approach. In the last 8 years, it has recorded a number of asset confiscations from corruption criminals: IDR 107 billion (2014), IDR 193 billion (2015), IDR 335 billion (2016), IDR 342 billion (2017), IDR 600 billion (2018), IDR 468 billion (2019), IDR 294 billion (2020) and IDR 374 billion (2021).

“This asset recovery expresses KPK’s contribution to national development, because KPK asset recovery will function as non-tax state revenue (PNBP), one of the sources of state financing to build the nation and the people,” he explained.

This achievement resulted from the synergy and collaboration of many parties, ministries / agencies, law enforcement officials, regional governments, companies and all elements in society. This synergy also boosts morale in suppressing corruption in Indonesia. Recently, KPK confiscated IDR 100 billion from several bank accounts in the alleged corruption case of PT. ME (Limited Company).

It is related to the discussion and ratification of the 2016 Work Plan and State Budget Revision of Ministries/Agencies for Maritime Security.

Ali Fikri said KPK must prioritize asset recovery from corruption cases, mainly because corruption is categorized as an extraordinary crime that often incurs losses to the state and has a detrimental impact on society.

He stressed that law enforcement must express a powerful deterrent effect towards corruptors and be a clear lesson for the public to prevent recurring crimes.

“Through investigation, prosecution and execution, KPK steadfastly prioritizes optimization of asset recovery, from crimes that cause financial losses, through asset confiscation.” (eka)


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