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KPK busts former Supreme Court secretary


IO – The Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi – “KPK”) has arrested former Secretary of the Supreme Court, Nurhadi, and his son-in-law, Rezky Herbiyono. They are being held at the KPK Detention House at the old KPK Building for 20 days followed the arrest. KPK detained the pair at a house in Simprug, South Jakarta, on Monday (01/06/2020). “After KPK investigations are completed, the two suspects NHD (Nurhadi) and RHE (Rezky) were arrested,” said Vice Chairman of KPK Nurul Ghufron in a press conference in KPK’s Merah Putih Building on Tuesday (02/06/2020). 

KPK charged Nurhadi’s wife, Tin Zuraida as well; a quantity of evidence has been seized for further investigation. Nurhadi and Rezky are suspects in a bribery and gratification conspiracy relating to the handling of cases at the Supreme Court. KPK is still hunting for another suspect in the case, the Director of PT Multicon Indrajaya Terminal (“MIT”) Hiendra Soenjoto, who is suspected to have given IDR 46 billion in bribes to Nurhadi via Rezky. 

KPK stated that Nurhadi is implicated in three cases of bribery and gratification: The civil case of PT MIT vs. PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (“KBN”), a share dispute case relating to PT MIT, and a number of gratifications relating to cases being tried at the Supreme Court. In the PT MIT vs. PT KBN Case, Rezky, as Nurhadi’s son-in-law and liaison, is charged with the receipt of nine illicit checks on behalf of PT MIT from the Hiendra Soenjoto to “take care” of the case. 

Former Vice Chairman of the KPK Bambang Widjojanto stated that Novel Baswedan led the investigation that led to the arrest of the former Secretary of the Supreme Court. “Bravo. Bingo. Who would have thought? Novel Baswedan led the operation himself and succeeded in capturing KPK fugitive Nurhadi, former General Secretary of the Supreme Court in Simprug, after having been on the loose for over 100 days. Even though his physical eye was destroyed by a protected villain, his inner eye, his integrity, and his persistence remain excellent. This is simply cool,” he said in his Twitter account on Tuesday (02/06/2020). 

Vice Chairman of KPK Nawawi Pomolango lauded him further. “We express our gratitude and appreciation to fellow investigators and other relevant units who did not rest until we finally captured NHD and his son-in-law RH,” he said. (Dan)


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