Korean Embassy: Dicapoem Exhibition

(photo: Prive. Doc)

The hands of the rose seller I know
always look rough

By: Kong Kwang Kyu

If I ask
why do the hands of people who touch
beautiful flowers
look rough

She answered
although touched with care
Rose thorns still hurt

Then she added
roses and women
must be touched with care

You are a rose
I am a seller of roses
Even though I touch you carefully
you still hurt me

IO – That is one of the dicapoems, written in Indonesian and Korean, exhibited at the Dicapoem Exhibition on Lotte Shopping Avenue from 19-25 October 2019. The word Dicapoem comes from a combination of Digital Cameras (DICA) and poetry. Dicapoem is a multi-lingual art consisting of one photo and five lines of poetry in Korean ((hangeul). Dicapoem themes are as diverse as nature, things, and people (human interest).

In 2016 the word “디카 시 (DICAPOEM)” was registered with the National Institute of Korean Language. At present, as the medium develops, Dicapoem is increasingly known in Korea and is becoming more well known in America, China, Indonesia and other countries.

At the same time and place, the Korean Embassy family who worked and resided in Indonesia also held a family gathering that was filled with various activities that showed their expertise in displaying some of their traditional arts and also their modern art. (OHW)