Komodo National Park Authority: Rp3.75M is not entrance fee

Komodo dragons, a giant lizard native to Indonesia, roam the Komodo National Park. (Source: Environment and Forestry Ministry)

It will be used to fund conservation programs, community empowerment, and as state revenue. The fee is scheduled to be implemented starting August 1, with a group fee of Rp15 million per four visitors.

“The group fee of Rp15 million for four has included the entrance fee. So, if they visit Komodo National Park in the same year, there is no need to pay the entrance ticket anymore,” explained Carolina.

These restrictions and fees only apply to Komodo Island, Padar Island, and the surrounding waters.

Meanwhile, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said the ticket price is still being discussed by his ministry. Sandiaga talked about the current lack of carrying capacity of the Komodo National Park. According to him, there needs to be restrictions so that the environment on Komodo Island can be maintained, reported Detik.