Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 22:14 WIB

Komnas HAM: Mutilation of 4 Papuan residents potentially counts as gross human rights violation


Ilustrasi Mayat
Body discovery illustration. (IO/Pebri)

“Currently, the suspects are being remanded at Mimika Military Police Detachment XVII/C detention center from August 29 to September 17,” said Tatang in a written statement, Tuesday (30/8).

He emphasized the seriousness of the Army in handling the case and promise to impose strict sanctions on the perpetrators. “(The punishment) will be in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations,” he added.

Two of the six suspects are an infantry officers identified as Major HF and Captain DK. While the rest are Private in Charge PR, Private 1st class RAS, Private 1st class RPC and Private 1st class R.

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The other four suspects are civilians, identified as APL a.k.a J, DU, R, and RMH. They have been handed over to the police.

The four Papuans (LN, AL, AT and IN) were killed on August 22. At that time, the perpetrators pretended to sell firearms. When the victims came with Rp250 million in cash, they were killed and mutilated. Their bodies were dumped in Kampung Igapu River, Iwaka district. (rr)


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