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Know these breaking of the fast rules on public transportation during Ramadan


Jakarta, IO – PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) and PT MRT Jakarta issued a few rules for passengers during the holy month of Ramadan, which is being observed by Muslims starting today, Tuesday (12/3).

One of the rules stipulates that passengers are allowed to drink and eat snacks when breaking the fast for a maximum of 10 minutes from the Maghrib call to prayer, per Inews.

“Consume rice and side dishes, spicy foods and other ready-to-eat foods on the bus is not allowed,” reads a statement from PT Transjakarta.

Transjakarta also appealed to all passengers to maintain cleanliness and order. “Customers can also go to the retail/commercial area at the Transjakarta bus shelters to buy food for breaking the fast,” the statement added.

In detail, the rules for eating and drinking when breaking the fast on public transportation during Ramadan 2024 consist of six points which focus on duration; types of food and drinks that may be consumed while on public transportation.

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The same rules for breaking the fast on public transportation were also implemented in the previous years. These rules also apply to commuter lines operated by PT KAI.

“When it is time to break the fast, commuter line passengers are allowed to break the fast with snack and drinks,” said PT KAI Commuter Indonesia (KCI) corporate secretary Anne Purba. (un)


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