Klikdaily Joins Hand with Leading Distributor NNA for Business Expansion in Indonesia


IO – Klikdaily, a technology and data-driven consumer goods company, cooperated with Niaga Nusa Abadi Ltd. or better known as NNA, and formed a technology-based trade partnership called TokoNiaga. TokoNiaga is a goods ordering application for MSMEs that is integrated with the digital supply chain system from Klikdaily. TokoNiaga will be a business expansion project between NNA and Klikdaily. As a first step, Klikdaily together with NNA will kick off this project in the Denpasar area, Bali, by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Jan 26th, 2022. 

Through TokoNiaga, NNA’s business distribution products will be diversified, including basic necessity products. This collaboration also strengthens Klikdaily’s strategic position, which has provided digital distribution systems for many FMCG and retail companies in Indonesia. Along with endto-end supply chain management, Klikdaily can optimize warehouse utilization for real and accurate sales data processing that can be used by brand principals to determine the right sales strategy. Moreover, transaction data can also be used to sell white-label products that have high market demand in each city. 

“Klikdaily has succeeded in providing an integrated technology system that is easy to use by all business partners, starting from brand principals, distributors, to retailers. This collaboration, apart from helping the business processes of NNA and MSME partners, will also strengthen the position of Klikdaily and NNA in the retail industry,” said Amos Gunawan, CEO and Founder of Klikdaily. 

In line with Amos, Daniel Dani, as Distribution Director of NNA also added, “NNA is collaborating with Klikdaily to digitize our business distribution process. It is not limited to just the goods distribution system. In the future, there will be several strategic business plans that we will run together. Hopefully, with the digital system-based business integration supported by Klikdaily, it will be one of our main strengths in business expansion.” 

Meanwhile, Arief Goenadibrata, Managing Director of Nojorono Tobacco International Ltd., known as the trademark holder of Class Mild and Minak Djinggo, also currently the main principal brand of NNA, welcomed this joint operation. “We congratulate Niaga Nusa Abadi Ltd., and Klikdaily for this joint operation, and we entrust one of our best brands; Class Mild, to be distributed massively, especially in Bali.” 

As a matter of fact, Bali’s economy began to creep up at the end of 2021. Data from the Central Statistics Agency for the Province of Bali shows that in the second quarter of 2021, Bali’s economy recorded a growth of 5.73% compared to the first quarter of 2021. This increase of percentage provides a breath of fresh air for Bali’s economic growth. It is expected that this collaboration between Klikdaily and NNA will have a positive impact on Bali’s economic growth, especially from MSMEs.