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King Koil launches Signature Gold Response Series


IO – Sleep is one of the most import- ant activities in human life. Ade- quate sleep can strengthen our im- munity, prevent diseases, as well as prolong life. Sleep comfort certainly needs to be considered to get quality sleep, as well as sleeping positions as they also affect sleep comfort. Thus, a bed that provides proper support to the body is needed.

A mattress should ideally be equipped with body zoning tech- nology that can hold body weight according to the body’s natural pattern. The zoning body is divided into seven parts, namely, head & neck support, shoulder support, rib support, waist support, leg support, crus support, and ankle support. Sleeping on a mattress equipped with body zoning technology allows body mass to be better supported and keeps the spine in its natural position.

However, to be properly support- ed, the body must follow the body zoning pattern on the mat, which is usually made vertical. Unfortunate- ly, not everyone can sleep in a posi- tion that fits the pattern provided by the mattress.

Answering this need, King Koil launched the latest Signature Gold Response Series mattress collec- tion under the auspices of distrib- utor Duta Abadi Primantara (DAP), which has a reputation as a mar- ket leader in the mattress industry in Indonesia with quality products and brands. This collection consists of six mattress products which are divided into three types, namely, Premium, Middle, and Entrance.

The premium type consists of the “Masterpiece” with Mega Euro Top and coated with cashmere on the surface and “Natural Response” with The Super Pillow Top + Euro Top. The middle type consists of In- ternational Classic equipped with Vita Talalay latex and Grand Clas- sic equipped with Nano Fiber Plush. Then finally, the Entrance type con- sists of “World Endorsed” which is fitted with a pillow top and Belgian knit on its surface and “Chiro En- dorsed” which has Comfort Euro Top with Firm Comfort Foam which provides comfort for the spine.

The six mattresses in the Sig- nature Gold Response Series col- lection are equipped with three superior technologies, namely the Auto Body-Zoning System, Luxuri- ous Horse Hair Fiber, and Vi-Guard Technology.

In the Auto Body-Zoning System, there is an Auto Response Gold Coil TM, which is designed to be able to automatically respond when there is pressure on the mattress surface. In addition, this innovation also cre- ates a soft zone on each side of the mattress, depending on the pres- sure applied. So that whatever our sleeping position is, it will always feel comfortable and well supported from head to toe.

Not only functional but the el- ement of luxury is also presented with the Signature Gold Response Collection, through Luxurious Horse Hair Fiber technology. This technol- ogy exploits material in the form of a fiber component that has stunning durability and luster power. In ad- dition, Luxurious Horse Hair Fiber is also able to prevent moisture and regulate the temperature on the mat- tress to improve sleeping comfort.

The element of hygiene is also important for King Koil. Therefore, the Signature Gold Response Series collection is equipped with Vi-Guard technology with two advantages, namely Anti-Bacterial and Virus Redaction Technology features. An- ti-Bacterial features in the form of mattress and pillow protectors that are effective against bacteria up to 99% in the first 1 hour of use. Mean- while, Virus Redaction Technology can effectively fight several types of viruses, such as SARS-Cov-2, up to 97% in the first 2 hours of use. This Vi-Guard technology has been tested on Products in China and Europe.

“The mattress is a personal need, the preferences of each individual re- garding a comfortable mattress will be different. The Auto Body-Zon- ing System, Luxurious Horse Hair Fiber, and Vi-Guard technology in the Signature Gold Response Series collection can help people meet their needs for comfortable and hygien- ic mattresses,” explained Candra Kumala, R&D Dept Head of PT DAP.

The launch of the Signature Gold Response Series collection was carried out virtually at Studio Bali United, West Jakarta, on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, and was attended by 210 DAP dealers, 110 brand hotels, and media from 16 cities in Indonesia. In addition to the Signature Gold Response Series collection, King Koil also launched the Hospitality collection, namely the Grand Suite Collection and the Private Suite Collection which are specifically intended for the hospitality and tourism industry. This Hospitality Collection is also equipped with Vi-Guard technology.

Mukti Argo, Group Brand Man- ager of PT DAP, added that the Sig- nature Gold Response Series collec- tion from King Koil is a form of DAP’s commitment to always innovating to provide the best night’s rest.

“DAP realizes the importance of healthy sleep. Adequate rest is one of the important components in car- rying out daily activities. Sleep is not the end of activity, but rather the be- ginning of daily activities. Sufficient sleep time, which is 6-8 hours a day, will impart calm to the body, mind, and soul with a fresh feeling in the morning to return to activities,” he said.

DAP has also implemented a similar commitment to providing the best service to consumers, es- pecially during a pandemic. DAP implements health protocols in the delivery process from factories to consumers in the form of spraying disinfectants on delivery cars and goods before they are shipped, re- quiring employees to wear masks and gloves, spraying disinfectants on the outside of delivery cars, using hand sanitizers on delivery officers, and checking the body temperature of delivery clerks.

“At King Koil, we truly recognize the meaning of customer satisfac- tion. We also always use health pro- tocols according to government reg- ulations. Hopefully, the presence of the Signature Gold Response Series collection can be well-received by the community and can fulfill the peo- ple’s need for comfort and quality mattresses,” said Mukti Argo.

The Signature Gold Response Series collection from King Koil is officially circulating in Indonesia starting May 5, 2021, with a price range of IDR 15,000,000 – IDR 90,000,000. The Signature Gold Response Series will be distributed throughout Indonesia through 13 DAP branches in Greater Jakar- ta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, North Sumatra, South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Lampung, Pekanbaru, Kalimantan, North Su- lawesi, and South Sulawesi.


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