Kendra Gallery, the heart of artisans work in an island of culture

Painting by local artist Agung Darmayuda becomes a permanent artist of Kendra Gallery. (photo: IO/Aldo)

Jakarta, IO – Despite the famous tourism destinations, Bali is also an art city. Almost in the whole of the island, many art exhibitions are found, either on the street sides or at the likes of fancy gallery centre. It is quite easy to discover art products in this city, starting from a simple painting to other useful handicrafts. One of Bali’s most famous exhibition hosts is Kendra Gallery. Kendra Gallery is one of the most influential art galleries for local artists in Bali. The gallery serves as a unique exhibition room where tourists who really love artworks are welcomed to see the exhibits, and visitors can also talk directly to the respective artists featured in this gallery.

One of the paint art at Kendra Gallery. (photo: IO/Aldo)

This place was created to promote the contemporary art of Indonesian and International artists. With a mission to encourage open dialogue between artists and art enthusiasts through the presentation of cultures from all over the world. Since its opening in 2008, the art space exhibition has highlighted many leading artists and has also given birth to some prospective young artists. The idea of creating this gallery comes from an art enthusiast, Bruno Wauters, who are also the shareholders of Villa Uma Sapna in Seminyak, where the gallery is located. Kendra gallery’s function not only as a mere art showroom, its library also serves as a meeting place and a working space for guests staying at Villa Uma Sapna. Undoubtedly, this gallery has produced many inspiring works that can be seen publicly.

A collection of unique clay dolls, the main spotlight for art lovers in the main showroom. (photo: IO/Aldo)

Gallery located on Drupadi Street, Seminyak has two exhibition locations, one of them is in a lush garden with a well-maintained lawn. The gallery features a beautiful garden view. The cool outdoor courtyard serves as a gathering place for the event. The art exhibition theme which will be applied in outdoor location can vary according to the upcoming exhibition matters/topics. The main indoor gallery features a different atmosphere to suit the artists’ mood. While entering the main gallery, you will be welcomed by the alfresco terrace layout of Deus Café.

This room is a place where all the unique art products are displayed, ranging from clay-based racing helmets to sculptures and art of crafts are featured in the main showroom. Kendra’s wall paintings have proved to be very popular in showcasing the work of young Indonesian artists who represents traditional street creators, as they are part of the surrealistic movement of the world’s pop art. The collection of unique clay-based dolls is a prominent spotlight for art enthusiasts in the main showroom. As one of Bali’s largest galleries, Kendra Gallery has a wide range of outstanding artworks. Kendra’s own collection covers a variety of creations from 70 artists.


Inside, you will see oil paintings from local artist Agung Darmayuda with unique watercolour lines as the hallmark of Agung Kurniawan himself and there is also a famous iron art-wall installation. Meanwhile, art objects like pots made by Ahadiat Joedawinata can also draw your attention to the abundant collection of this gallery. The famous Italian artist Filippo Sciascia, who works between Bali and Milan, also featured some of his craftsmanship products in this gallery.

For you, ordinary art lovers or the connoisseurs, it’s the best chance if you take the time to visit this gallery while you are vacationing in Bali. As one of the best galleries in the island, Kendra Gallery received a very high recommendation from Independent Observer as a perfect venue to appreciate the remarkable artworks of local and international artists. (Aldo)