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Kemnaker to Strengthen Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Europe


Jakarta, IO – The Manpower Ministry (Kemnaker) is committed to continue strengthening protection for Indonesian migrant workers in Europe by taking a number of strategic steps to ensure the fulfilment of their rights and welfare.

This commitment was expressed by Kemnaker secretary general Anwar Sanusi in a coordination meeting for Public Services and Protection of Indonesian Citizens in Europe which was also attended by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI).

Anwar explained that one of the efforts to ensure Indonesian migrant workers’ rights can be achieved through foreign language training, technical skills development and competency certification.

“Foreign language training helps better communication in the destination country,” said Anwar, per Kompas, Tue (4/6).

In addition, Anwar revealed that strengthening the role of the Labor Attaché (Atnaker) is also a major approach. According to him, Atnaker is at the forefront in the protection of migrant workers with understanding of the dynamics of the labor market in destination countries.

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Anwar said the ministy is also working to prevent the departure of undocumented migrant workers. Kemnaker continues to carry out outreach and awareness raising activities with the Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Companies (P3MI) as well as would-be migrant workers who are about to depart. 

Kemnaker will ensure that every migrant worker departs legally and is protected by law by enhancing bilateral cooperation with the destination country of placement to create a safe and fair working environment.

Kemnaker hopes that this policy will have a positive impact on migrant workers and their families, as they are the country’s “remittance warriors” who contribute significantly in foreign exchange. (un)


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