Kelly Purwanto: Tattoo lover

Kelly Purwanto wants to keep adding tattoos. (photo: IO/RP)

IO – Kelly Purwanto doesn’t remember how many tattoos he has on his body. “Maybe more than 50,” he said smiling when asked during the launching of the Amartha Hangtuah basketball team in Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday July 26.

“My first tattoo was made on my back. That was when I was still in STIE Perbanas (Perbanas Economics School),” said Kelly, who will be 36 this year. “I was influenced by my friend Erick Christopher,” admitted Kelly.

Erick is a former professional basketball player, who played for Kalila, Pelita Jaya, and Satria Muda.

Kelly then became addicted to tattoos. Although already having dozens, he has no intention of stopping. “I still want to add more tattoos.”

In the beginning, we could cover the tattoos using long sleeved shirts. However, his parents became suspicious. “But after they found out, it turns out there was no problem. My parents weren’t mad,” he said.

Kelly doesn’t have a favorite tattoo. “All the tattoos on my body are my favorite. Tattoo’s must have meaning as they are permanent, so the future must be considered.”

Although without a favorite tattoo, Kelly admitted the tattoo that most gathered attention was the tattoo of a women’s lips on the left of his neck. “Many are tricked thinking it is really from a kiss,” he said laughing. He had the tattoo made in 2009.

Whose lips, are they? “Actually, there was not model. The person who has matching lips is being looked for,” he laughed.

The lips tattoo was inspired by former NBA star Kenyon Martin. “There is a personal meaning, as a lover of women, and this symbol must respect women,” (rp)