Kei Islands a hidden gem worth exploring

This beach is known for its white smooth sand. The softness of its sand is like flour. Even National Geographic stated it was the softest sand in Asia and also a carpet of white sand stretching about 5 kilometers into a very exotic landscape. (photo: prive. Doc)

IO – The natural beauty of eastern Indonesia deserves to be a reference for tourism lovers. In addition to its potential area, its natural exoticism is able to “sedate” every tourist who visits. One that has a tourist attraction is Ngurbloat Beach. Ngurbloat in Indonesian means “Pasir Panjang”. This beach is located in the village of Ngilngof, Kei Kecil District. The distance is about 20 kilometers from Tual City, Maluku Province, more precisely on Kei Kecil Island, Southeast Maluku. Maluku does have a variety of islands that are known for extraordinary natural beauty. Not only Ora Beach, there is also Pasir Panjang Beach that offers natural beauty that can spoil the eyes of tourists. The stretch of white sand stretches about 5 kilometers into a very exotic natural panorama.

This beach is famous for its smooth white sand – the smoothness of its sand like flour even makes National Geographic call it the softest beach sand in Asia. The charm of this beautiful beach is not only from the sand, but the scenery is equally amazing. Only 12 kilometers from Karel Sadsuitubun Airport, this beach is not only famous as a beach with soft sand, but also the length of the beach edges, wide enough to grab my attention when I first came there.

Ngurbloat Beach is surrounded by several islands around it; its natural scenery directly faces small islands. The islands are recorded in the Ten Islands Area area. Not far from the area, there are a number of diving spots; one is only 600 meters from the lips of Ngurbloat Beach. The spot has a steep seabed texture or forms a cliff.

One of the unique phenomena that only exists in Kei is meti kei (or met evav), where between October and November the sea water will recede in tandem resulting in a sloping beach that will resemble a vast land even up to a meter long towards the sea. Pasir Panjang Beach is visited by many tourists during weekends and holidays. There are many fishponds along the coast that can be visited while enjoying local specialties. The small islands which are located opposite Ngurbloat make the sea waves of this beach quite gentle or not too big. Therefore it is suitable for swimming on the edge while playing sand.

Tourists can also play volleyball or beach soccer while waiting for the sunset. That is the special experience that I felt when I am on Ngurbloat beach, this is a sunset atmosphere that is pink. At first glance, the golden orange dominates, but I can see pink particles filling the natural space like a transparent layer. For tourists who want to spend the night, there is no need to worry. There are a number of rooms that can be rented to stay there. Lodging places on the edge of Ngurbloat Beach is generally a stilt house made of wood. It is a must for you to visit this beach when vacationing in the Maluku region. (Aldo)