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Keep allergy sufferers productive


Jakarta, IO – An allergy is characterized by a change in the reaction or response of the body’s defenses: they refuse and lack resistance to foreign substances, called allergens, that are responsible for triggering allergies. The body’s immune or antibodies attack anything which appears to harm the body, including allergens. However, the reaction is sometimes excessive, and even causes the sufferer discomfort. 

“Allergies are often found in patients suffering from a variety of ailments. There are several ways allergens can enter the body, namely, through inhalation, ingestants (digestive tract), injectants, and direct contact with the skin. Responses to allergies can vary, depending on the source of the allergen and how the allergen enters the body,” explained Prof. Dr. dr. Iris Rengganis, Sp.PD, KAI, an Internal Medicine Specialist Consultant Allergy Immunology Clinic from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, at the webinar with theme “Relieving Allergies Faster, Stay Productive with No Worry!” held on Thursday (6/10/2022). 

Common allergic reactions, she added, could be skin conditions such as urticaria and respiratory allergies such as rhinitis. In Indonesia, the incidence of allergies ranges from 20%-64%. The Omnibus survey report conducted by Nielson in 2005 noted that the most common allergic symptoms were skin problems and allergic rhinitis, which affected 24% of the population. The incidence of atopic dermatitis in Indonesia is 23.67%. Urticaria and allergic rhinitis were the most common atopic diseases; 60.79% of people surveyed had a positive atopic family history. 


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