Kedung Pedut: A new adventure in Kulon Progo

Kedung Pedut’s natural beauty makes tourists often hunt this place as a photographic subject. (photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – Kulon Progo is part of an area in the Special Region of Yogyakarta with a myriad of natural charms. Its beauty is not inferior to that of Gunungkidul’s and also Bantul’s which already has a name as a tourist icon. Currently, Kulon Progo is developing its tourism potential, especially with the construction of an airport that will soon be operational. 

The name “Kedung Pedut Waterfall” may sound familiar, or maybe not. If I remember it correctly, this area was once the location of an event featured on a private television station. Its beauty can even defeat that of some well-known waterfalls in Yogyakarta. 

Kedung Pedut waterfall is located in the hills. So there are still many other waterfalls around it that have not yet become familiar with the public. Their beauty is extraordinary. 

Its uniqueness lies in the color of its water, which has two colors: green and white. For those of you who have never been here at all, you might not believe it. 

The place was only opened to the public on 15 February 2015. Residents living around it call this waterfall a natural waterpark, because there is a swimming pool that is formed naturally. The water also comes from a spring that falls from a nearby waterfall. 

The color of the water could be due to river bedrock, which dissolves slowly so that it changes the color of the water as seen today. 

Overall, the Kedung Pedut area has 5 Kedungs, namely Kedung Anyes, Kedung Lanang, Kedung Wedok, Kedung Merak, and Kedung Merang. Every kedung has a fairly diverse depth. 

The name Kedut Pedut comes from two words, namely kedung which means inundation, and pedut which means deep. So, Kedung Pedut means a pretty deep puddle. Judging from the depth it is quite deep, about 2 to 3 meters. Even artificial swimming pools rarely use depth like this. There are two pools, where one is near the main waterfall. But it is recommended for you not to swim, just enjoy it, because the area can be quite dangerous. 

Apart from these two pools, there are a few small ponds seen here. These small pools form like a ladder. To enjoy them, find the right angle. Here, the beauty of Kedung Pedut’s waterfall lays before your eyes. The blue color of the water is dazzling. 

Facilities available in this area include chairs, wooden bridges, food stalls, mosques, toilets, and changing rooms. When you decide to swim, just jump in from the wooden bridge down. Feel a sensation that cannot be expressed in words. 

We must walk to Kedung Pedut. However, the road is quite friendly – not too steep and relatively gentle in its incline. Don’t forget to enjoy the seven springs around it. Feel the natural freshness of the mountains. 

The water for this place comes from the Mudal River which is also not far from the Kedung Pedut waterfall, as the Mudal river also flows into waterfalls around Kedung Pedut. 

This destination is located in Dusun Kembang, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The Kulon Progo region is indeed quite far from the center of the city of Yogyakarta. However, the price to be paid will be worth it. The scenery along the trip can relieve boredom and fatigue. (Pramitha Hendra)