Kartini Emergency School celebrates the anniversary of Pancasila

Upacara Peringatan Hari Lahir Pancasila di Sekolah Darurat Kartini
Rossy and Rian at Sekolah Darurat Kartini’s commemoration of the anniversary of Pancasila in Ancol, North Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6). (IO/STR/Kevin Marandika Arizona)

Jakarta, IO – Kartini Emergency School (SDK), founded by twin sisters Sri “Rossy” Rossyati and Sri “Rian” Irianingsih, commemorated the anniversary of state ideology Pancasila on June 1, in Ancol, North Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6). Showing their enthusiasm, SDK students wore traditional costumes provided free of charge by Rossy and Rian who also teach at the school. The ceremony was also attended by the parents/guardians of the students and personnel from the North Jakarta Kodim (military district command) 0502. In addition to the ceremony, the children also conducted a parade around the park and under toll road and gave cultural performances such as dancing and singing.

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Tuition-free SDK was established 32 years ago out of the founders’ concern for widening gap between the haves and the haves-not. This is still a visible social phenomenon despite the increase in government programs for the marginalized communities. (Rayi Gigih)