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Kapurung, legendary culinary sago in Luwu South Sulawesi


IO – Its name is not as famous as Coto Makassar or Sop Konro. Even so, this cuisine was included in the ranks of primadonna food in South Sulawesi.

Travelers, if you visit South Sulawesi, you’ll be missing a lot if you do not enter the Sulawesi’s traditional indigenous culture. Their daily meal is worth trying and analyzing, both in terms of taste, ingredient composition, as well as the reason why the local people like the food.

The food is called Kapurung; it is made from sago which is classified as healthy because it is served together with green vegetables. The food that is often found in the city of Makassar comes from the Luwu District, South Sulawesi.

In Luwu, South Sulawesi, more than 52% of the population consume sago as their main source of carbohydrates.

These primary ingredients are then mixed in such a way to produce Kapurung. The yellow lime broth has a refreshingly sour taste. In terms of appearance, Kapurung reminds us of Papeda, a typical Papuan food that is also made from sago.

How to make it is quite easy; what needs to be prepared is the original sago or sago flour which will later be dissolved in hot water. After the sago thickens, the dough is formed into small rounds in the size of meatballs. This sago-based food is served with peanut sauce mixed with various kinds of vegetables and nutritious fish meat.

Vegetables commonly used as Kapurung’s companion ingredients are long beans, sweet corn, eggplants, spinach, and banana hearts. Meanwhile the spices are chili, hazelnut, pepper, and garlic. The acidic sensation of Kapurung sauce comes from the Patikala fruit. This food will be more delicious if served with lemon or lime juice.

For culinary connoisseurs who are not too fond of fish, chicken and shrimp can be an alternative. Kapurung is very delicious when served hot. Peanut sauce and rich-spicy herbs will provide warmth in the throat of the culinary connoisseurs. Kapurung is very easy to digest. It’s chewy and pleasantly filling the stomach.

This culinary masterpiece that has existed since ancient times is usually eaten like a staple food. However, as time goes by, this food has been displaced by rice, which is the staple food for Indonesian citizens. Even so, Kapurung is still maintained as a staple food in several other regions, especially in Papua and Maluku, albeit with different names. (Pramitha Hendra)


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