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KAGET application to celebrate special moments


IO, Jakarta – As of today, August 15th, 2019 a professional collective incorporated in PT. TRI Lestari Abadi released the KAGET application. KAGET has a mission to celebrate special moments unusually so that they become memorable. KAGET facilitates Indonesian users to choose alternative public figures to surprise those closest to them in the form of a short, personalized video at every special moment.

Transportation and online shopping applications still dominate the local market amid the burgeoning of various applications to support people’s lives. As such, KAGET is the first application that focuses specifically on the realm of personal gifts, using the medium of video. Miss Indonesia 2006, Agni Pratistha Kuswardono, a KAGET co-founder, believes that the most beautiful gift is not physical, but a remembered moment.

“This is a new way to surprise loved ones, so now Indonesians must be creative in packaging something unusual. Totality is needed in celebrating the moment so that it becomes a beautiful memory, “Agni said.

The KAGET application will be launched today Monday, August 19th, 2019, where users can directly use it on the Android platform. The slogan “KAGETInAJA” which will be presented in the KAGET publication in Indonesia is a representation of the technological message that tells its story.

The use of the slogan is expected to attract attention automatically when the application is run using a camera or when doing a selfie to convey unexpected special words. The presence of the KAGET application for the Indonesian market is a solution that can bring far-away acquaintances closer and make impossible things a reality.


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