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K-Pop culture representation in “Bakbak! Nana! Jjajja!” exhibition at Baik Art Gallery Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – Baik Art Gallery held an exhibition entitled “Bakbak! Nana! Jjajja!”, featuring works related to pop culture in South Korea, especially K-pop entertainment industry.

“Bakbak! Nana! Jjajja!” are slang words or modern expressions. In this exhibition, five artists from South Korea, namely Buwon Seo, Kim Jinwoo, Joy, Mawz, and Yerin presented their works in the form of paintings and sculptures inspired by several idol groups.

For example, when the Independent Observer entered the exhibition hall, Saturday (27/5), there was a work by Kim Jinwoo entitled ‘Spring and Thunder’ (2022) with a visual of seven blue butterflies dancing around a television placed on a big boulder.

This work visualizes the lyrics of the BTS song ‘Spring Day’ which conveys the hope of seeing someone who is far away, even though at the moment they can only see each other through TV or photos.

A neo-pop sculpture by Yerin. (IO/Aini Tartinia)

Then there is Mawz’s work titled ‘The Dance of a Dream of You and Me’ which focuses on the meaning of dance in K-Pop and the symbiotic relationship between idols and their fans through the visual of airplanes that manuevers to form the shape of butterflies.

The big bird above the big blue sky in the background symbolizes the fans who support the idol’s career journey. Mawz explained that it illustrates the need for harmonious relationship between the idols and their fans.

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There is also a sculpture of a red animal character with a tail resembling a ‘cute little devil’ symbolizing the character of an idol with an iconic aspect.
Yerin, the artist said that an idol gives a unique impression to the public with their unique style, appearance, and behaviour which differ from the ordinary people.

“Bakbak! Nana! Jjajja!” takes place from 25 May-25 June. You can visit the Baik Art Gallery at 35 Sekolah Duta V Street, South Jakarta, every Wednesday-Sunday at 11am to 7pm WIB. (Aini Tartinia)


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