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JOOX presents a non-stop K-Pop program in June 2020


IO, Jakarta – K-Pop fans in Indonesia will again be spoiled with the latest K-Pop program produced by JOOX. Imagine seeing at first hand all K-Pop superstars from Korea, having the opportunity to interact directly and get a warm welcome from K-Pop idols. All of this will become a reality for K-Pop fans in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa and also Indonesia. 

JOOX, a digital music application that has a commitment to bring music idols and fans closer, presents a new program called IDOL STATION, the first K-Pop program produced by JOOX, and I-LAND, a search concept for K-Pop spectacular idols held in Korea. JOOX K-Pop Express will be aired in a marathon presenting favorite oppas for fans in Asia. Fans will be able to see first-hand the exclusive appearance of their K-Pop idols and interact directly in live chat sessions. No need to worry because in this program, JOOX uses subtitle technology that is available at the same time in English. With the closeness that was built through this program, fans will be able to feel the warmth without the distance between them and K-Pop Idol. 

Set aside time every Tuesday night because IDOL STATION will be present every week with spectacular guest stars. Rows of big names like SEVENTEEN, Nu’est, ONF, and Verivery will accompany K-Pop fans with their voice, dance and music; fans will even be invited to watch a little about their daily lives behind the scenes. And not only that, the fans can also directly interact, do questions and answers and take part in special idol events such as attending the cocktail party of the idols, birthdays and much more. 

The K-pop party is not over yet: fans can also meet K-Pop stars like Bang Si-Hyuk, the behind-the-scenes figure from Big Hit Entertainment and BTS who will present the I-LAND program, a new concept blockbuster that airs a search program talent, in which more than 20 male finalists will compete, the fans are invited to witness the weight and excitement of the stages they have to go through to become a star. Fans also have the opportunity to interact directly! I-LAND is a production concept with an extraordinary budget of 14 million dollars. I-LAND will present the performances of superstar K-Pop Rain and rapper Zico that aired from the biggest studio in Korea. I-LAND will air exclusively on JOOX starting in June 2020. 

Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business Group, said that JOOX is very proud to be an important instrument in the K-Pop music map, in which K-Pop has developed into a unique brand and has considerable influence globally. “The rise of K-Pop as a brand, and also the presence of the first K-Pop program produced by JOOX, IDOL STATION and the large-budgeted program I-LAND, is a testament to how JOOX gives space to K-Pop and fans who are always hungry for attendance. New exclusive content, even more so can interact directly with their idols. To provide the maximum experience, JOOX uses advanced technology that can directly interpret Korean. This is one of our commitments to provide maximum offerings for JOOX users and music lovers through various and varied content shows,” Poshu Yeung said. 


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